Possible bug with late fees

Late payment fees generated and displayed on invoices as negative figure (amount credited) yet balance due reflect sum of. This creating massive confusing by clients.

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@Slann_Phillips Stated "Late payment fees generated are being displayed on sales invoices as negative figure (amount credited) yet the balance due reflects the fee added.

I can’t generate this problem.
In the screenshot below the field/figure is called “Late payment fees”.
In your screenshot the field/figure is called “Amount credited”.
So how are you entering the late payment fee ?

I do not enter anything as it is system generated. When creating an invoice it asks if late payment fees should be charged or not. So when the payment is not made by due date the system calculates it then it is placed on invoice. It was never reflected. Some how with the upgrade of the server edition as we use the online one.
When we generated new invoices this is what we found.

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Why do you think this is a late payment fee, @Slann_Phillips? When amounts are shown as “Amount credited” that means either an amount was received against the invoice, the customer had a credit balance from a refund or deposit, or Manager made an automatic allocation of a favorable balance in the customer’s account. But these normally show as positive numbers on the sales invoice. Since yours shows a negative number, something else happened.

Go to the Customers tab and click on the blue Accounts Receivable balance for this customer and see what is making up the total. I will bet somewhere in that list you will find a 45.03 amount, probably entered incorrectly.

OK it is a bug - just downloaded to the latest edition (16.11.75) and on viewing the same invoice as above you now get the below


Please advise when it will be resolved


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Please revert urgently

Any news yet

@Slann_Phillips - you are posting via email and these posts are automatically attaching an image which include your company signature and disclaimer - there are now three posts that need to be edited and have the image removed. Your earliest attention please.

As to fixing the situation, that is up to the software developer.



Can you pls as a matter of urgency advise on how to get hold of them. This has serious financial implications for me if not resolved today



They are aware as they read the forum.
If is that urgent, you can manually edit the invoices - white out the words and minus sign and blame a computer glitch.

PS - 3 of your previous posts still have the image attached - please remove

@Slann_Phillips, I edited your previous posts for you to delete the personal and commercial information, as I did the first one.

I also transferred this line of inquiry to a new topic so it would receive attention. When you bury a new question in an old topic, few take notice.

@lubos advises - fixed this in the latest version (16.11.82)