Late Payment Fees miscalculated

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I have added late payment fees to my invoices and although the invoice has been paid within the 30 days, late payment fees have still been added to these invoices.

Also why do paid invoices keep reappearing on this customer sheets


Then you did not receive the money correctly or the dates were wrong. Allocate the receipt to Accounts payable => Customer => Invoice #. If this does not clear a sales invoice (as shown in the Status column in the Sales Invoices tab), only then do you have a problem. And the screen shot you posted does nothing to help clear things up. It isn’t possible to know with certainty what you are looking at because headers are not shown. You need to show the entry screen for one of the problem sales invoices, the corresponding entry screen for what you think is the receipt, and the Sales Invoices tab listing.

Same comment: can’t tell what you’re looking at. But sales invoices never go away. They change status.

By the way, what version of the program are you using?

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Thanks, the money has been received correctly. If you look at the receipt I have added the Invoice number behind it just to confirm that the full amount was paid before the late fees accrued.

The example here, Invoice 19 dated 13 May was paid on 2 May but accrued late fees on 13 June. It is rare that this customer will accrue late fees as I prepare a quotation, they pay on the quotation, then I order from my supplier and once received will deliver to the client. The same applies to Invoices 16 and 17 which have both accrued fees.

Invoice 12 issued 30 April due 15 June, (paid 24 Feb 592.50 and 23 June 787.50) should have accrued fees has not accrued any.

Part 2 Thanks, makes sense - Version Manager 17.1.44. have been trying to download the newest version but my WiFi has been a bit off lately.

I still can’t tell what your screen shots are showing because you are omitting headers. But your problem is obvious from your description. You say an invoice was paid 2 May. But it was dated 13 May, so it did not exist when you entered the receipt. Therefore, it could not have been paid on 2 May and will continue to accrue late fees.

If receipts from a customer are entered in the absence of a sales invoice to reference under Accounts receivable, they will remain as customer credits in the Accounts receivable balance. As soon as a sales invoice for that customer is entered, it will automatically be paid from the available credit and its balance due will be decreased.


Once the invoice was created I edited the receipt to allocate the payment to it.

Full photos of the account with a few overlaps to get the full picture.

Except for the one period when Invoice 12 was not paid in full this customer is always in the red, so has a credit. 12 should have accrued the late fees.

Can I email you the file maybe you can see what I have done wrong.

Appreciate all your help.


This is not how you record receipt of money for a sales invoice from the customer. Read this Guide: Record a receipt | Manager. The section on Receipts Against Sales Invoices tells how to do it correctly. If you have been following the procedures you describe, you may a great deal of work to do to bring our accounting records into satisfactory shape.

If a customer is paying invoices, their account balance should come to zero.

No. I’m not the developer, only a forum moderator.

And your screen shots are still not useful because you continue to omit the header at the top of the window so I know what you are showing. I can only guess.