Abnormalities in late payment fees

My customer’s ledger is showing ₹0.00 as late payment fee which is abnormal. I see 75 numbers of such posting flooding the whole ledger at different dates against different invoices.

Attached first page of customer ledger:

Attached transaction list against invoice#2671 where ₹0.00 posted:

However ₹0.00 late fee doesn’t show up in actual invoice #2671

What you see reflects a recent change in the late payment fee feature. When late fees are selected, the program calculates, enters, and therefore displays the amount. If the amount is zero, a zero amount is entered.

However, the sales invoice form does not display zero amounts in the totals section, so those zero late fees are not shown.

The question is why you are assessing a zero late fee. I suspect you may have late fees checked under Form Defaults for sales invoices, but decided not to put a percentage in when completing the invoice. If you uncheck the late fee box, those entries should disappear.

Actually I can reproduce this issue and this shouldn’t happen. Marking as a bug.

Can you check the latest release?

The implementation of late payment fees has changed so I assume this won’t be an issue anymore. Also, you will need to re-generate late payment fees.