New "Mini-Statement" showing late fees

We post payments in accordance with the post-mark date on the envelope as a payment date. This causes late fees to be shown on the invoice even when there are none applied. I like the ability to show the payments but the late fees shouldn’t appear when they are not charged.


You need to provide more information so your situation can be understood. Post a screen shot of the sales invoice involved (the Edit screen, not the View). Obscure private information, if necessary. From what you have said, it is not clear why you have a problem, if indeed you do. Provide a detailed chronology of events.

Are you saying, for example, that the sales invoice was due 4/15/18, late payment fees were assessed on that date, but that you later entered a receipt for 4/13/18? If so, I can reproduce that behavior. While the balance due remains correct, it does seem unnecessary to show a zero-amount credit when a prior entry erases the fee. Businesses often could be behind on entering data.

I’m putting this into the Bugs category, not because there is any mistake, but because the performance of the program will raise questions with users and their customers alike.

This is exactly right. This invoice is due on April 15th, payment was received in full on the 13th but we didn’t post it until the 17th or 18th. It’s not a huge deal, but I could see the issue if a customer requests another copy of an invoice after payment was received.

Fixed in the latest version (18.4.53)