Possible bug while making receipts


I am using Cloud Version 19.7.21
As I am an administrator on my manager account, I don’t have this problem but I have 3 restrcited users that have a problem when they create a receipt. This problem is, that the Account is not auto completing. (I selected an account for receipts directly on Form Defaults).

Let me show you a screen shot of my form default for receipts and payments:

Now, let me show you how it look as I click on Impersonate in one of the restricted users.

Is this a bug?
If you need any other explanation, just ask :slightly_smiling_face:

You probably have not given the users permission for that account.

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I just enabled the Bank Accounts Tab on user permissions and that worked.
I´ve been using manager for more than a year and this was not an issue. Maybe an update changed that setting.
Thanks @Tut

There was a recent change. It was discussed in another topic.

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