Bug with Receipt Tab

The receipt tab is not displaying the list of transactions even though view access has been granted and the number of transactions is showing on the receipt tab. See the picture below.

Can anyone reproduce this?

@Abeiku I am very surprised that you as one of the more experienced ones here do not start your report with telling us the Manager version, the type (Desktop, Server, Cloud, etc). So unfortunately without providing such not sure if anyone can help. Still very puzzled though, hope that you are ok!

Version 21.4.50 Cloud Edition.

@eko The cloud edition is almost always on the latest version and when customers contact, I restart their server to ensure the bug can be reproduced on the latest version before I post it as a bug.

But I agree I should have added extra details in the first post. I think your words were harsh. On this forum, if you want to find out if anyone is okay send them a private message, you do not post a public message asking if a user is okay.

So how form your first post can I know that you are on cloud version, where is the “clue”? We may differ in interpretation about what is harsh as I genuinely was concerned about you as a senior contributor to this forum. I am all for transparency when dealing with forums such as this and do not believe in private messages. I do not know you but coud be concerned nevertheless. Indeed cultures differ (Ghana - Nigeria) and if you feel offended this was not intended and unreseverd apologize.

Should be fixed in the latest version (21.4.52)

@lubos The situation is the same in version 21.4.52. I’m moving it back to bugs.
I couldn’t upload a screenshot (showing the version number) I kept getting an upload error message.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Do you expect anything to be shown under Receipts tabs?

By the way, for performance reasons, for now, the tab will show total transaction count, even if user doesn’t have access to all of them.

Yes the user has been granted permission to View, create, update and delete. You would expect past transactions to be listed when inside the tab.

I think the issue is that bank account or cash account is not selected on receipts. Currently it’s not possible for restricted users to see receipts or payments where bank/cash account is not selected.

So this is not as much a bug as unsupported use-case.