Possible Bug - Import Bank Statement - Date issue

Manager Server, when importing a bank statement the dates default to US standard ie. mm/dd/yyyy instead of the format the system is set at, in our case dd/mm/yyyy.

I have checked the Manager preferences OK. In Manager all dates appear correct.


I have confirmed the QIF date format is correct

qif format

I have check date format in CSV is correct as well.

CSV Check

Server regional settings correct for NZ

Import file … All looks good. Import

However this occurs

Date issue

Then after a “Bulk” update we have future dates…

Bulk Update

Very time consuming to fix if there are pages of transactions and worse if the transactions are on different days. Can someone confirm if this is not unique to our system. Please help.

This is a problem can anyone confirm?

Solved by updating to the latest version. Date format is now correct after bulk update.