Imported Bank Statements for a single date converts the dates

There appears to be an expansion on this issue. The issue can be reproduced by multiple transactions limited to activity on one day only ie. The import with transactions on one date only?

It appears that there is no date issue if imports include at least two different dates.

Can someone else confirm this issue please. Maybe the import process needs at least a second date to reference so that it can establish the difference between day and month?

OK latest version presents the same issue. This has come to light as we have an entity who import daily to keep abreast with banking activity.

As a workaround, if they also select the day prior as part of the import, then the day prior transactions will be ignored as they have already been imported.

The latest version (18.1.66) should be smarter about determining date format in this situation.

Tremendous - Fixed - Just tested OK, Thank you.

This is still happening in 10.12.22 desktop version. The dates are in a qif bank statement export file (sample below) in the format dd/mm/yy. Manager date format is set to dd-mm-yyyy, machine date format is dd/mm/yyyy


Did you mean version 18.12.22? I assume so, because I don’t believe Manager dates back to version 10.

You just need to make dates match formats. Manager is going to interpret your dates as being in the year 19. You already said both your operating system and Manager are operating on 4-digit years.

Yes 18.12.22. The problem seems to be that the bank is supplying two digit years, date format dd/mm/yy. Does that mean I have to set my computer’s date format or Managers date format to the same to get the bank statement to import correctly or do I need to edit the bank statement file to have four digit years before importing? Dates import correctly once it becomes obvious which part is the day

I would edit the bank statement file, since that involves the fewest steps. And spreadsheet search/replace/format/edit options are plentiful.