Import of Bank Statements - Date Flip

It seems from searching in the Forum this is a known issue…When I import either a ANZ QIF file or Paypal CSV file - the date is flipped to MM/DD/YY, even though in preferences I have it set to DD/MM/YY and it is this in the input file too. What was the resolution to this, as I have hundreds of transactions to input this way and don’t want to be manually changing the date format ? Thanks

Two thoughts:

  1. Manager uses 4-digit years. Are you sure the import files are in DD/MM/YYYY?
  2. You are most likely importing the CSV export from a spreadsheet. Are the dates formatted as dates or plain text?

Your right the ANZ QIF (quicken) is DD/MM/YY not DD/MM/YYYY - fared better with the ANZ OFX file which is DD/MM/YYYY.

As for the paypal csv it looked like the date is formatted correctly DD/MM/YYYY - though just formatted it again to a date column not text just in case… and it worked fine

Thank You