Possibility to get a Report on Cash Account

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I am New to Manager and while setting up, just find few issues which I could find a solution. I have a Petty cash account with one of my User and he has to give a report on his receipt and spends every month. Would it possible to get a simple report as to opening balance as of 1st of the month , credit all the inflows and debit all the expenses he paid from his float.


Export the register for your Petty cash account. When the export file viewing screen appears, copy only the date range you are interested in. Paste into a spreadsheet.

You are also misusing terminology. Inflows to an asset account are debits. Outflows are credits.

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Many thanks for your quick reply, Sorry for the mistake. Is there a simple way to get this statement other than copy paste. Its a simple statement

No, that is the simplest.

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