Cash account report

Helo in acount sings its important to me, print a report every mouth for each acount whith a layout like we see in software, but whith the amout off last month and the incoming and outcoming amounts. can we do that?

You need to be more specific about what you are asking.

i need a cash acount report each month ,for each acount, when i can see the cash moviments balance.

whith: Date, Account, Description, Amount, Balance.
whith month start cash and final cash.

You can get this information from a combination of General Ledger Summary and General Ledger Transactions reports.


By looking at those two reports. I did not mean to imply you could merge them into one.

what i need is this:

Well, if you want some customized report like that, you’ll have to build it yourself. What you show isn’t a standard accounting report.

By the way, Suspense always indicates an error on your part. See this Guide:

It is a common report in many accounting software. It’s a detail of all the movement of the bank account linked with the corresponding account(s) of the singke accounting writing. It’s the base to create a direct cashflow which is still missing in Manager.

Well, it’s a little hard to tell exactly what @ccdume wants.

First, it was a report for an account with initial balance, incoming and outgoing amounts. That sounded like a summary of movement, not a detailed transaction register.

Next, it was some kind of cash movements report, with starting and final cash. But there was also reference to accounts, all in the context of a cash account report for a month, although which accounts were not clear–cash accounts? income and expense accounts? And it wasn’t clear whether the balance desired was a running balance or a final balance.

The screen shot implied a report including entries for all cash accounts, showing transactions and running balances for each.

Realistically, there is nothing in any of these desires that isn’t furnished in the drill-down on a cash account balance.

the problem is that i have to print a report like that every month, until know i export the cash acount flow into excel and organize the data…