Possibility to add Inventory Transfers Line Custom Field

Is it possible to add Inventory Transfers Line Custom Field?

Usually we receive material requests from different warehouses, each material request with unique serial number. I want to be able to generate Inventory Transfers and to mention in each line the request number for each item as one Inventory Transfer will have items from many material request.

I know a single Inventory Transfer can be made for each material request but that will mean generating so many Inventory Transfers for each shipment.

Hope it can be implemented.

Can you not use the Description field?

Description field will overwrite item name when printing.

You can enter the item name and add whatever details can you?

E.g, Item 4 - Req #: 1026161

Anyway, the Line item custom field is great and extending it to more modules wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Despite the fact that it will take more time to type item name especially when long and when creating so many inventory transfers with many items in each of them, there will be possibility to type item name of other item by mistake (human error) which will create confusion.

You don’t need to type the entire item name or description. What @Abeiku meant was that after the description is entered (automatically if you have one defined for the inventory item), you can just add in other details, such as the request number. Your addition will not overwrite anything unless you do so deliberately.

I haven’t define description for all inventory items. Some inventory items have description that is not same as inventory name, meaning further description of the item apart from its name.

I don’t see why that matters. If you have no description, the program substitutes the inventory name for the description. Either way, once it is auto-populated, you can add to it without affecting what is already there before clicking Create.

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How is having a line item custom field going to reduce human mistakes, aren’t you manually going to type into the field? With a custom line item field, you will have something like a separate column to list the request numbers on the form but it won’t reduce human error. A requisition workflow could be the solution as it will give a reference number to every requisition and show it on the Inventory Transfer form.
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