Inventory Custom Field as Line item custom field for Write-Offs &Transfers

This is a requirement based (also) on a previous topic (Oct 17)
I use custom field for inventory items to add their service tag (different from inventory’s code - a s/n from my side).
Both numbers (s/n - service tag) are crucial for information purposes.
Is it possible to examine the possibility to add a custom field for each line item in invemtory transfer and write-off forms (custom field to be completed automatically based on the data of the inventory item)?
In any case these fields will be optional (and can be modified) without having an effect to the inventory item…

It would be helpful to illustrate with a picture. One thing I know is that Inventory Item custom fields appear as line-item custom fields on Purchase and Sales Invoice documents, but not on Inventory Transfer and Write-offs documents. I believe the same should apply to Inventory Transfer and write-off documents. is that what you’re looking for?

When thinking about a request like this, it is important to understand that Manager considers all units of a particular inventory item to be interchangeable and identical. It cannot track by serial number, lot number, expiration date, or custom field. Custom fields add more information about inventory items, but only as descriptive information.

Line item custom fields can be used on sales and purchase invoices to records such information, but only pertaining to that particular transaction. So, for example, you can sell a computer to a customer and include its serial number via a line item custom field. But you cannot track a particular serial number within your inventory. Therefore, you cannot write off a particular unit or transfer it to a different location.

Yes, exactly! This is I want!

Unless you create a separate inventory item for each computer with the serial number as part of the item code

I cannot fully agree with that. In simple words, why is so important not to add a custom field (per line item) with further information (any information, like a comment for history reasons which refers to the respective inventory item and not to the whole inventory transfer)?
I stongly believe that it will not change the philosophy of Manager…

I have already had that. But, as I said there are 2 important codes for each item.
Of course, I can write the second number I want into the item’s description field… but as an alternative I seek for a more “structural” choice, like the custom fields.

I agree. I initially thought it wasn’t added because ‘Inventory Write-offs’ and ‘Inventory Transfers’ were internal documents, but then I remembered Purchases invoices are also an internal document but the custom fields still appear as line item custom fields. I believe this idea if implemented would be a beneficial addition.

I have added it to ideas.


Thank you so for your approach! :grinning:

There is nothing for you to agree or disagree with, @evans. I am only telling you how the program works. A custom field can certainly be added to an inventory item. But it will apply to all units of that inventory item. My point was that the program has no capability to track characteristics of individual units. It considers them all to be identical.

I made no comment about this. That is exactly what you can do, for example, on a sales invoice. Adding the ability to do the same for an inventory transfer would be feasible. But there would be little or no benefit. You need to understand Manager would do nothing with that information except record what you entered. Going back to my computer example, if you added a line item custom field to an inventory transfer, allowing you to record the fact that you transferred Serial Number X23456 from Location A to Location B, the program would store that information. But it would not know that X23456 was now at Location B. It would only know that Location B had one more unit of that computer model on hand. To discover that X23456 had been transferred, you would have to review every inventory transfer involving that computer model.

Thanks for the feedback and your analysis!!

Added to the latest version (22.8.20) for Inventory Transfers. Not for Inventory Write-offs yet as there is a bit more work to make it work there too.

If I understand correctly, the Inventory Transfer Lines view should be able to show custom fields from Inventory Item. When I create an Inventory Transfer, I do see those custom fields in the item line and they are filled out correctly, but for some reason when I click on the “Inventory Transfer - Lines” view, those custom field columns are there but empty and are not actually showing the information. I’ve enabled the custom fields for both the Inventory Items and Inventory Transfer - Line. Am I missing something or is it a bug because they do show in the print form view…

Please say what version of manager you are using

Also, please post screenshots of the edit screens and view screens which you think are wrong

I’m using version:

Please see screenshots below, Showing you the steps from creating an inventory item to the inventory transfer process.

If you look at the InventoryTransferLines page, the “Brand” and “Rack No.” columns are empty, But then when I you look at the print view of the Inventory transfer, they are shown there.

No wonder it is empty because it is negative. First make sure that you purchase that inventory item so it is there and then you can transfer it. Testing the way you do is fine but you should complete all the steps which means paying for that item.

Not sure I understand fully, can you please elaborate? I left some stuff out by creating the test item but this is the case with any item no matter what. But even with the test item i created, it should be working because it’s showing fine on the print view. Just not sure why the “Brand” and “Rack No.” is empty on the InventoryTransferLines page

I have tested this and can confirm that the custom field contents do not appear in the
image screen but they do appear in theimage screen.

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The screenshot is showing movement of inventory not the balance on hand. Items are going from one inventory location to another inventory location.

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So it’s probably a bug then. Should be showing.