Multiple Warehouses

I’d like to contemplate the idea of using Custom Field to manage more than warehouse. One of the challenges I’m facing is “how to record internal inventory transfers from warehouse A to warehouse B”

All comments are appreciated.

Within Inventory Items are you using the item code field, if yes then you could prefix the code with a letter to indicate the warehouse then you could use either the Journal or Production Orders to transfer inventory.

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Using Production Orders would make more sense as you are only transferring quantities.
Journals would require quantities and values

Hi Brucanna,

I appreciate the idea. For a tiny operation it might work.For a business with 2 large warehouses filled with identical products, I’m not sure if it would be suitable. Since both warehouses ship to customers and receive stock from suppliers, the method you subscribed will create confusion among customers and employees.

In terms of the transfers, I found that Inventory Writeoff can have negative quantities. It’d be perfectly fine to write off from one warehouse and to reverse write-off to the other warehouse ( or in your case, same product with a different code)

@jing, do not despair. What you want is coming in the promised warehousing module. See the Roadmap item #3 at Free Accounting Software | Manager.

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This feature and custom sub control account will be a game changer :slight_smile:

Hey, i was wondering that on road map Warehousing is on # 3 , and attachments are on # 5 but attachments are now available but not warehousing?

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I would like to know as well. Just signed up for this app and love it so far. I just need proper inventory management. What would be wonderful is an approach similar to InFlow: you can mark orders shipped and paid separately. A workaround I’m using is the sales order represents when the order is open, convert to sales invoice when payment is received which also reserves the inventory, and finally payment received when it has actually shipped.

It will come. Fingers crossed

@fahadalarab some are easier to implement. The list doesn’t really mean they have to add features strictly based on the list /road map.

“Features are sorted in order in which they are most likely going to be implemented”

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When its going implemented??

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