Position of footers

I have created a Footer for Receipts

To get it to print at the bottom of the page I have to use the HTML code <div style=“position absolute” …
Top half

Bottom half

But it does not show on the View screen

If I remove the <div HTML code it shows on the View screen but immediately below the last line of the receipt

Where did you expect it to be?

The issue I also faced and reported even with very simple HTML such as <hr> or </ hr> for a horizonal line such as below:

is that the footer does not accept such despite mentioning by @Lubos that one can use HTML in the footer.

CSS code works, e.g.:

        .horizontal_line {
            background-color: grey;
            width: 100%;
            height: 1px;
    <div class="horizontal_line"></div>
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Thanks @Mark, I did not realize that we should use styles for a horizontal line rather than the bog standard <hr> tag. This will work.

I expected the footer to be at the foot of the A4 page and not just behind the last line of the invoice, receipt, etc


That’s what I would expect too otherwise it’s not actually a footer.
It’s just content after the cell grid.

If you would as @Mark showed use full CSS before the HTML then you should be able to accomplish lots of what is now deemed as not.

Yes, but I would have expected that to be automatic and not requiring custom code

Footers should have an option to define their starting position. Thats why they are called footers, and have page positioning in almost any program. Look at simplest word processing programs as an example.

Agree with this. Can the footers have option to define position like the custom fields. I can enter position 1, 2 or 3. Right now I’m having a ton trouble getting them to line up how I want them to.

They are displayed in the order of selection.