Point of Sale feature

Thank you for the awesome software!

Is there a way that you can incorporate an interactive point of sale tab, which covers the sale of inventory items? This feature should keep track of the daily sales [cash or credit cards] and automatically deduct the inventory and add the sales to the system. It could even have a “cash up” feature to check if the cash received corresponds with the daily sales. This feature could also have a print function, to print the tax invoice on 'n till slip as soon as the invoice is processed.

This will be a great feature if there are multiple tills with multiple inventory in a shop, where each person is assigned a till and they have to be responsible for any losses incurred. [one cash account per cashier].
A bar code system could be implemented which saves processing time at tills.

I will greatly appreciate any additions and/or feedback…

Thank you in advance.


Concurred. This would be great. Scanning of bar codes is a necessity. (Also information on each individual bar code such as what business paid for it, model #, date, supplier purchased from, all the heavy stuff).

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we have a pos app which can integrate with Manager if the manager developers can get in touch and add s few more features

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a Point Of Sale function will make this software complete


This would be great