Introduce Cash Sales Tab

I have gone through the various concerns raised with regards to POS feature in Manager. I also, clearly understand the explanations given in the guides as to how to make cash sales. However, I think a few improvements can be done to make manager more useful for retails purposes.
I am suggesting the introduction of cash sales tab similar to the receipts and payment tab. This will be helpful to retail user though it will not function as a pure POS software.

  1. It should allow retail users to enter their individuals sales directly to allow stocks to be deducted directly from inventory instead of the total sales at the end of the days sales which is not helpful in inventory management.
  2. It will prevent users such as sales point cashiers who are not suppose to have access to certain receipts and payment in situations where manager is used by several people (as in server and cloud editions) from having access to them. In this case, receipt & payments will be for use at the back office by the account officers.
  3. The feature should allow for report on sales summary.


You should be able to do everything you describe by proper setting of user permissions and ordinary entry of cash sales.

I have been able to do the setup for users to make sales without having access to non-cash payments made. But users have access to the batch operations and the can carry out payment operations.
Also, how about the summary reports for the sales.

Realistically, how worried are you about cashiers creating fraudulent entries through batch operations? See to it that the computer they use does not have a spreadsheet program on it.

Your report question depends on exactly what information you want. You might get what you need by exporting the account balance drill-down. Or you might need a custom report. The information is there.