Point of sale project

Is it possible to start a point of sale project?
*This will be the greatest development of the program and it can be a separate program and import the final reports such as the X report or the Z report and import it as a sales invoice in the accounting system
*This will increase the sales of the cloud system significantly, and even if it is not a cloud version, many are willing to buy it too
*The free point of sale “aronium” program can be used as a reference
We know the difficulty of that, the size of the database and the other programming difficulties, i hope to put that into consideration and ideas, best regards


Maybe if you search for POS you may have noticed that for many business be it retail, food, restaurant, etc with lots of daily transactions and more complicated inventory management needs that you will be better of to use a dedicated POS and import the aggregates into Manager to help you with tax accounting and financial analysis.