Point of sale

I have seen what am about to suggest has already been suggested. Its about having a point of sale in manager as this would be of great importance to businesses like mine where I serve many cash customers who I cant be able to open credit account for them…
Kindly consider this option and if possible that pos should also have a printing capabilities and stock management and possibly credit card gateway…

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You can use Manager as POS but data-entry won’t be as streamlined as dedicated POS.

To enter cash sales, you can create a cash account and then record “Receive money” transactions. You will be able to sell inventory and print receipts.

Another way is to get dedicated POS and then enter into Manager transaction summarizing all the sales for a day.

what does this mean… reference is the answer you gave above on the question I had asked sometimes back

It means that you could have simple cash register and rather than enter every sale individually into Manager, you’d just enter 1 sale a day which would summarize all the sales for a day from cash register.

Thank you… Any plans to introduce a dedicated pos tab in future maybe?



If we have a dedicated point of sale solution that could summarize total sales and output a flat file. Is there a way to upload this to manager to eliminate manual encoding that may result in encoding errors?


Unfortunately no.

Here is some input to this old post but if the setup is like in the picture below which I came by, I think it can streamline Manager for some POS use.

If Manager is opened in an iPad which is on top of such a cash drawer, coupled with a dedicated POS on the side, I think such setup could take many businesses a long way in their POS use, although not being a fancy POS rig which is usually expensive.

If there is a customer in Manager named POS, then the debet side of all POS sales transactions in the Sales module could be recorded in that customers account and then at the end of each day the total in that account is credited against the dedicated POS and cash sales and debeted to accounts like Cash or Bankaccount etc.

Using Manager like this I think can be very helpful for many businesses as they can sell from the Inventory module and have their stock info always up to date.

It would be interesting to hear if someone has used a solution like this

It’s a project I’m starting to play around with. All you need is a computer running anything from DOS upwards and DHPOS (Its totally free too).
I have been using this POS at the front counter for quite a few years now with a cash draw, scanner and receipt printer, then manually input counter sales into Manager daily.
I have just started to investigate it’s features further and going to try to get the receipts and daily readings etc. to simultaneously print to file then I can convert into excel format and then import into Manager.
At the moment there is a lot of ‘dual handling’ so I’m hoping to cut a lot of it out, especially inventory movement.

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