Please help me solve the problem

When the time creates PDF of the invoice the “Signature” section is not printing in that PDF. Please verify the image for a detailed verification.

Please help me solve the problem.

you need to provide more details as to how you got the signature section in the first place. If you are using a custom template you should check the code.

This is the code

This cord is written on Salas invoice Custom Fields

Replace the Default text in your custom field with the below.

<div style="text-align: right; font-weight: bold">-----SIGNATURE-----<br><br>Thanks for your business</div>
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Thank, It works well.


Please help me to solve the problem. When adding an additional Sales Invoice — Line that line equal to the Description line. Please help me to reduce the size. Further clarification please check the screenshot

check the below post.

In the code provided, replace

{% if column.label != 'HSN' %}


{% if column.label != 'Accounting Code' %}
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