Invoice Print Issue


The printing of invoice is incorrect. I either take it from print and store it as PDF or email it as PDF both the versions have problem.

This is Email as PDF:

Saving the invoice as PDF using Print button:

Because of this overflow i need to add an empty row so that characters are not printed half on page 1 and half on page 2.

Request you to please fix this.

Is this using custom HTML template?


Have you tried without using custom HTML template?

no i have not tried without custom HTML template.

I actually edited the standard code to hide a column and changed the header and logo

Here the edied code that I am using.


The “standard code” that appears when you begin a custom view template is not the code Manager uses for the default template. Many features are left out. In fact, the default template is not even written in HTML. If you want to use a custom view template, you will need to handle all aspects of functionality and presentation yourself.

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Try taking the stuff you don’t want repeated on every page out of the <table> tags. Put it before the first <table> tag. See if that works.

If that simple fix doesn’t work, then please refer to @Tut’s answer above.

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