Unable to display images in Custom Theme

I have been using Manager for some time with no issues.
I setup a custom theme so that I could display Promotional and Accreditational images on the footer of my Sales Invoices, plus some liability text.
The affected coding in the Custom Theme is:

This coding has worked perfectly until the last two updates. Now, I cannot display any images on the Sales Invoice, or any other form, apart from the Business logo.
I have modified the code to reference the image via http referencing, which appears to be the new norm, but with no success. Even though responses to image display queries on this forum seem to dictate that is the correct approach.
I have analysed the generated code for a form that displays the Business logo, which generates the following:

This is direct referencing and does not use the http connection method, so I am now confused.
So how do I display images, that are not custom fields, elsewhere in a form, as the ability to do so is essential. Especially if the Business has to inform customers that they are, for example an accredited member of an association, which legally requires display of the specific logo.

I am using the latest version, as of 4th March 2021, which is running on Windows 10 Professional with all of the latest updates applied.
I store the relevant images in C:\Manager_Files


The images have to stored on an server on the internet not on your PC

As per the guide Add an image to a custom field | Manager

So if you are running in single user mode, how do you get that to work?
It has worked very successfully in the past, so what has changed?

What version were you using before?

I think it has been necessary to use an internet based image for years

OK. I understand the referencing. So if I use my PC as a web server, which it is. Why does it still not work.
http://localhost/Manager_Files/myimage.jpg does not work. Even if I put in the localhost IP address.

It was a version introduced early in 2020, could have been late 2019. I cannot recall the specific version.

Also, I am using the single user version on a standalone PC. I do not have access to a web based server. I.e. another machine.

Update: (05-03-2021)
So it is obvious the Manager (Desktop - single user) must have its own built in web server.
Could you please supply a simple example of referencing an image on the localhost. It appears that port 55667 is used. Failing that, can you tell me where the root directory used by the in-built web server is located. I.e. if i reference localhost:55667 where does it point to?
I have used the “file:///c:/images/myimage.jpg” syntax in custom fields before for displaying inventory items and that now doesn’t work.
I am finding this very frustrating. Please help.

My memory was Manager desktop used a different random port each time it is run.

Sorry I have not experimented with image access, so can’t help you there.

Thanks for letting me know.

You don’t use the Manager Desktop version’s inbuilt web server to store your images.

You need to store them on your own web server or one that you can access.

For example, I have my barcode images stored in a web server that is installed on my local machine.

Using Chrome, an image of barcode#21 is displayed at the following address:
The same image displays on a Manager form with a custom field with the following text:
Screenshot from 2021-03-06 00-36-12

Given the updates to Manager’s data store capabilities storing images within Managers data file maybe a useful future improvement. Manager already has the ability to create folders and add attachments.

I don’t currently use images in produced documents but can see it would help others and result in a cleaner system.