Unable to load images in macOS Catalina


I used this format <img src="URL or FILE PATH"> to insert image in invoice and quote in description field. The image is showing up as a blue square with “?” when I hit “view”(see attached), but when I printed to pdf or sent as email attachment, the image appeared to be fine, also if I right click and select “open image in new window”, it showed the correct image40%20pm

If anyone has any idea about this please assist, thank you!


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You need to furnish more information. Did you insert this image in a custom theme, a custom field, or what?

Thanks for replying
I would like to insert product image and recreate something like this: https://www.manager.io/guides/13392?utm_source=app

So I pasted <img src="https://i.imgur.com/Rw3up5r.png"> and <img src="file:///Users/blah/CBdiOQ8.png">in the description field while filling in the information to create a Sales quote or a Sales invoice

And what was the result? You have shown fragments of different transaction screens.

This is the result in Sales quote main section

And this is the result when I clicked on “view”

Summary is: image can be saved/printed to pdf, able to display image in email attachment (I sent as attachment to myself and download it, looks good). CANNOT preview image in manager when click on viewing invoice/quote, not display in preview print as well

Thanks again :grinning:

First, on a Mac, you cannot reference an image file on your machine. You must reference an internet-accessible URL. That explains why nothing is showing up in your summary-level Description field.

Second, for the example you copied from the Guides for the apple picture, the blue square indicates your computer cannot load the image file. This seems to be something new, possibly related to disappearance of QuickTime in Catalina. I can reproduce it. @lubos will need to look into this. I will move this into the bugs category.

this does not seem to affect Windows users on 19.11.75
checked with image source both as local and weblink with various image sizes. all good.

@Tut Appreciated your help, actually I was able to display local image from mac in pdf document for a very short time, tried to replicate and screenshot but now it failed with this error message (when right click on the blue square and select “open image in new window”). It will then hang when click OK.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue on Catalina. Is anybody able to reproduce this other than OP?

As I wrote before, I can reproduce most of @daphy’s problem, now working with macOS v10.15.1. This problem definitely did not exist before updating to Catalina.

A transaction with an image will not display the image in a screen view, only the blue squares with question marks:

But when a PDF is created, or an email is sent from the same screen view, images show properly:

When printed using the Print button, images do not show. This is from the operating system’s built-in Print preview:

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 6.30.56 AM

The one point on which my experience differs from @daphy’s is when I right-click on a blue square and select Open Image in New Window. In my case, a new window opens and the correct image appears in it. I have never seen any error messages.

Not knowing how image display is implemented in Manager, I wonder whether there are issues with Flash or Java settings? Catalina tightened up lots of things with respect to security.

OK, I can reproduce now but it doesn’t appear to be issue with Manager.

What is happening is Imgur host is restricting ability to hotlink images to local IP address There is not much we can do other than recommending to use different image host. Eventually it would be good if Manager would support hotlinking of attachments so you can use internal images stored directly in your Manager file rather than relying on some online image hosting service.

If you try to insert <img src="https://via.placeholder.com/140x100"> you will find it will work.

@lubos, as long as that image is just the grey rectangle below, yes it works.

@lubos i have never used MacOS but is it not possible to convert the images to base64 and directly inline it in the custom fields or themes? i am asking because I have done this on Windows for my custom theme. the advantage is that it becomes a stored data in your business file and you do not need internet nor access to the local image.

You can do that on Mac too. But we don’t really promote it as URL is much shorter than base64 encoded image.