Pending Withdrawals not shown

Payment Vouchers that had been issued but the payment is yet to clear was entered into the system.

But it’s not shown on the summary of Bank Accounts under the ‘Pending Withdrawals’ column.

In fact, there are payments that is yet to clear.

You need to post a screen image of the payment edit transaction

Not only do you need to show an Edit screen for a transaction that is pending, you also need to explain what your second screen shot shows. You haven’t captured enough of the screen that we can tell what is being displayed.

This was a bug. It’s been fixed. Update your software.

I am using the Cloud version. It’s fixed now.

But, one of my account is missing. And that is a very important account. How do I trace back or will the system capture it for me automatically?

It’s missing in under the Chart of Account and everything under that account is now under ‘suspense’.

Please assist :frowning:

I’m using Cloud Version, I believe it will auto update the system?

Please don’t divert topics with unrelated questions. That pretty well guarantees they will get no attention.

Noted. Will create a new topic now.

It has been created now. Hope it will get the attention I need.