Uncleared cheques not shown as in suspense

Hi, I very recently updated my version of Manager which has all gone well apart from one difference which is unhelpful. Previously, when entering a receipt or payment by cheque I was able to label it as ‘Suspense’ and it showed in the transaction list in red. From that I could see at a glance uncleared cheques. With the update, it now offers the opportunity to label it as ‘Pending’ which is fine except that there is no indication in the transaction list that the cheque hasn’t cleared. Obviously I can pick up these in reconciling my bank statement monthly but it would have been helpful to have kept this facility. The two highlighted transactions refer.

It may of course be that I am missing something as a novice user and if so I’m happy to be guided.

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You are misunderstanding two functions of Manager. Suspense is an automatic account in the Equity group where Manager parks your mistakes until you fix them them. You should never purposely assign anything there, because while a transaction is there, other balances are incorrect. See Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager. Using Suspense to flag bank transaction status is totally incorrect.

Pending and Cleared are status indicators for bank transactions. When you enter the Bank Accounts tab, you will clearly see pending deposits and withdrawals. Drilling down on those balances, you can edit individual transactions when they clear. See Track cleared and pending status of bank transactions | Manager.

This feature is not new. The program has behaved this way regarding pending bank transactions for years, long before you joined the forum. It is worth noting that you were never “assigning” transactions to Suspense. Even if you used a really ancient version without the pending transaction feature, you were incorrectly leaving individual line item posting accounts at the default Suspense. This is Manager’s protection against losing data that you mishandle. Rather than reject an erroneous transaction, Manager just leaves it in Suspense.

The pending transactions are also used when reconciling a bank account. See Reconcile bank accounts | Manager.

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Very helpful thanks. Still learning all the time. Thanks too for the steer re the Bank account tabs which I hadn’t looked at.