PDF | Landscape

We are transforming Customer Statement through Custom Theme in order to generate a fee voucher. Our requirement is to print Original, Duplicate and Triplicate parallel to each other.

It is possible for doing it through Print option one by one; whereas it would be more convenient to perform it through PDF option.

Can you assist for page setting from Portrait to Landscape.

This is currently not supported but I agree that custom themes need option to set PDF dimensions.


Thank you for supporting the idea. Hope Manager team will find some solution soon.

In order to meet our requirement, we have modified custom theme and aligned setting in Portrait. However, result is shrink and appearing in half a page of A4 (8.27 x 5.84). One can generate PDF and crop the same one by one but it would be very lengthy exercise.

I have explore other discussion where it is mentioned that Manager only supports A4 & Letter.

Until, Landscape option is not supported; is it possible that while generating PDF file should be generated with custom size so only content is printed and no extra space likely half page is added. This will also assist in taking landscape print out separately, as mentioned earlier we did try it by cropping in Adode.

Eagerly waiting for this feature.

Thank you, it is now supporting landscape for PDF and auto deducting the page size. Its really amazing!! and save a lot time and increase efficiencies.