Sales invoice print out

Hi mates,
are there any facility to getting invoice print out as small bills?

Manager formats for A4 or USLetter sized paper, as set under Email Settings. If you search the forum, you will find posts by some users who say they have had success using custom themes or printer settings for other sizes.

when i print out direct from browser, print out didn’t include data, please help us check
version 18.10.21

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, you need to illustrate what you get by uploading an image. Also, are you using the Print button directly or creating a PDF and printing that? You also need to show a screen shot of the edit screen for the transaction.

Print button direct

creating pdf or email is working

If you update to the latest version, is the result the same?

Windows, Mac or other?

ubuntu server version
not yet upgrade latest version

Try changing your printer setting from landscape to portrait. Manager does not support landscape layout.

ok, thanks

is this possible to add A5 paper size, with landscape?

Manager supports only A4 and USLetter. It picks the size up from email settings.