PDF failure closes Desktop Manager

I just noticed that if I am printing to a PDF & want to overwrite an existing file that is that file is open, Manager closes instead of telling me that the file is open.

This is a characteristic of your operating system, not Manager. The Print button passes the code for whatever is being viewed to your operating system. Manager does not control printing. If your operating system includes a print to PDF option, you are totally under the control of the OS and its PDF generator, not Manager’s. So at that point, Manager is not even aware of what your operating system is doing. The program only knows it sent the code.

I’m using the pdf button in manager Tut

Well, then, that is a different story. What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number of Manager are you using?

Desktop Version 19.6.66

I’m guessing you are running windows?

I think that when a PDF file is opened in Adobe PDF viewer, it cannot be overwritten by another app. As a result maybe Manager crashes.

I am. Win 10 & running desktop version Usually I get a message that the file is open & I can go close it & retry.

Manager is closing instead

This seems to be another example of problems appearing recently that only affect Windows users. This does not happen on macOS. This could be related to recent Windows updates.

I can confirm that this happens for me too. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall it happening in the past. So it must be some recent issue.