Desktop unresponsive when printing to PDF



Save PDF button never worked properly so it has been removed from the program until it’s re-implemented differently.

For the time being, you can use Print button or Email button to obtain PDF.

Exporting invoices to PDF

Thank you for that information. However, the print button still not being responsive…email yes.


Wait a second, how did you manage to show the save PDF file dialog in the first screenshot? What button did you click in Manager?


Same button, except that on this it did not go beyond showing the options (PDF, Printer, onenote etc)


If you click Print button, you said Manager becomes unresponsive (2nd screenshot). So how did you manage to click Print button to bring up save to PDF dialog (as shown in 1st screenshot)?


It is the same button I pressed when I fisrt created the documents but did not manage to save successfully. On subsequent attempts, I’ve had to restart the application but with no success except for the email option. Worry comes when no internet and there is need for printing even on a printer.


This must be an issue with your PDF printer driver. Restart your computer, try again. If it doesn’t work, try to install different printer driver such as