PDF creation no longer gives option to name and select save location

I use the hosted version of Manager. When clicking on PDF it would always open a prompt where the file location and name could be specified. As of late however, this behavior has changed and the PDF auto downloads with a hex filename pre-entered. This isn’t an issue with my browser as the problem only happens with Manager, and it came with one of the recent updates. I am guessing your PDF printing server is causing this somehow. Can this be fixed?

Manager should only create the PDF. What you do with it, where you save it, what you change its name to should be up to you and your operating system, not Manager.

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Yes I agree, which is why this behavior isn’t good. @lubos what has changed recently in Manager for this to start occuring with PDFs? @Tut as I already mentioned this didn’t happen before and I want to find a solution or explanation to a sudden change of behavior.

@whereskarlo, it sounds like you are describing behavior of the program from more than a year ago, prior to implementation of the current PDF generator. Ever since that was done, when you click the PDF button, a PDF file is created and opened. That file does indeed have a hex-character file name. But you can still do with it whatever you want. It has not, at the point of being opened, been saved anywhere. This is what I tried to convey yesterday.

I’m using and paying for the Cloud edition. It actually saves the PDF in the downloads folder instead of showing the prompt to set file name and destination. It makes using Manager slow and cumbersome. Open downloads, locate file, rename, move to desired folder. If you’re exporting lots of PDFs you can see how this quickly becomes a time consuming chore. Why can’t this be updated and fixed to remove the unnecessary steps? Or just let users choose if they want a prompt or auto download?

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Check your browser preferences. All the ones I use have preferences you can choose about what to do with downloads. The specific options vary from browser to browser, but automatic opening and asking where to save files are common ones.

My browser is already set to ask before downloading and opening. This is an issue specific to Manager only, it doesn’t happen with any other web app I use. It also didn’t happen in Manager before, until recently. So I hope @lubos can chime in here and provide guidance to solve this.

I have the same problem in desktop editon, where the pdf is saved automatically to C://Users//AppData/Local/Temp …

which version are you using?
i do not have this problem on 17.12.6

it was also occurring in a November release