New Server Edition not saving documents in PDF Format

Saving documents(invoices, receipts etc) into pdf for keep or printing in new server edition saves document in .html file format instead of .pdf I am using the latest version 19.6.64 @lubos kindly look into it for me.

I can reproduce this bug. I also get the following error message. (There is more, but I think the first few lines will be sufficient for troubleshooting.)


I do also get a PDF file with appropriate name at the selected location, but when I try to open it, it is empty.

Are u using the Mac OS version of Manager Server? @Tut

No. But this does not appear to be related to edition or operating system.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue on Windows. I don’t think this is related to what edition you are using.

@Daniel_Arthur what operating system are you using on the server?

Windows 8.1 with latest edition of Manager Server 19.6.64

I just want to know if we are on the same page because I did not get any error message as yours.

I was using desktop edition for macOS.

That’s strange because both @Tut and I can reproduce the error. Kindly check again with your process.

So pls what OS are you using now and can you still reproduce the error on a server edition. Am asking because it’s not the same on the Desktop Version, I experience the error on the Server Version 19.6.64

@Daniel_Arthur, is your problem occurring when using a custom theme? I have partially identified my problem. It was caused by use of a specific custom theme with a modified font. I have not completely tracked down why this is happening yet, but I can definitely say my problem is a custom theme issue. So I am taking this topic out of the bugs category.

Custom theme or no custom theme, I think Manager’s behavior should be consistent. Besides I have used the inbuilt theme and the problem persist. My issue is not that it gives an error message but rather it does not save with a .pdf file extension but rather with .html so in effect it does not save as a document but a web file. I cannot open it that format(.html) and print or attach.

@Daniel_Arthur your problem sounds like you are not selecting PDF format as you are saving the file. This would be an operating system issue, not a Manager issue.

I do not need to select PDF format again when I click on PDF button on the “view” page of a document right? That is what am referring to. Please either way Manager isn’t behaving right.

That may depend on your operating system and the edition you are using. Manager does not control the location where the file will be saved or the format. Your operating system does. Just as you can save a Word document as a plain text file or PDF, you can also save PDFs as other file formats (with options depending on the application you are using to view them). My point is that this is under your control, within the boundaries set by your operating system and—for server and cloud editions—browser. Last-used selections may or may not be preserved and offered as default options.

I get what you are saying. But Manager was giving a predefined name and pdf extension e.g receipt 186.pdf to documents when I click on PDF in the “view” page. But its not behaving like this anymore. I can choose to save it in pdf format by myself but it will not be convenient to do that all the time. All am saying is I sense a bug and @lubos should look into the Server Version in question i.e. 19.6.64 and rectify it to behave as it used to that’s all.

No attention will be paid to an obsolete version. The program has already advanced to version 19.6.69. Further, the point I am making is that the format for the saved file is not set by Manager. What you describe sounds like you changed a format at some time, and your browser continues to use it. This would be similar to opening a Word file with a text editor and discovering that future documents are also opened with the text editor. But this time, the process is reversed.

Could this be a web-browser issue? What web-browser are you using? Is this happening across all businesses? Can you create a test business?

i am trying to update my server edition but i am unable to find it listed on the website

@Emily_Deary see Installation | Manager