PDF creation fonts bug

we’re using Manager 16.11.43 and there is bug with sending invoice, payslip in PDF by email as shown on screenshot.

Locale is Russian.

There have been 25 updates since your version, most having to do with PDF generation. Try updating to see if that fixes things. If not, you will need to post more information: what edition, version, etc.

I’ve tested and it works for me fine. I think PDF is generated properly. Could this be an issue with your PDF reader? You can send me this PDF to lubos@manager.io, I’ll have a look.

I’ve just sent to your e-mail from Manager my payslip.
Issue is still there, despite latest update 16.11.80.

I’m just using builtin Mac’s PDF reader.

unfortunately PDF fonts issue is still there no 14.04, and 16.10 versions.

Manager is now on version 16.12.31. Try updating again. I have also tested this on a Mac, using the installed PDF generator (in the print driver) and Preview as the reader with no problem. I think you have a problem with your installed fonts or preference settings. This does not appear to be a Manager issue.

@mprokopov, do you think this is related to specific computer? The reason I’m asking is that when I set language to Russian, I have no problem generating PDF document.

Have you tried multiple computers to see whether issue can be reproduced on more than one computer?