PDF Button

The pdf button changes the font and the currency symbol is not rendered properly in the file.

Version Manager 16.12.0

Not only the font is changed, but the currency sign is replaced with EUR.

In Manager 16.12.0:


@Gert, currently, if you are using a mac, the euro symbol is being replaced with EUR, as the symbol is causing printing problems.

Thanks for the quick response, but I am using Linux Mint 18, based on Ubuntu 16.

Do you, or anyone else, have an idea what the problem is when printing the euro symbol ?

Apparently its a conflict between the Operating System and the PDF generator which is causing printing problems when the symbol is used

This issue will be resolved sometime this month. In the meantime, you can try using Print button instead if you really need to see EUR symbol.

Thaks a lot for your effort.

I’ll stay in touch with new versions

The issue with “EUR” symbol should be fixed in the latest version (17.1.21)

Thanks a lot.

The EUR symbol is now generated in the PDF files as expected.

Please do continue your great work on this software !!

When PDF button is clicked, the direct download into the default (download) folder started.
In the past, we can change the name of the file and have it downloaded into the folder that we would like to have the file.

Can we have it fixed like before so that we can name the pdf file and save it into the desired folder!!

Thank you.

I have few businesses been managed with the acount and one business shows the pdf button on view mode and the other dont… and every time i have send mail with link and not attachment, preffer attachment sending, guide me on this

The PDF function is no longer actively supported. Search the forum for many discussions about this. The function has been retained and is now located in the Settings tab under Legacy Features.