Payroll RTI UK

My accountant currently does my payroll for me, specifically Real Time Information and submitting P60 declaration.

Does anyone using Manager do their own payroll RTI and submitting P60 declaration as I seem to be spending a lot of money relatively speaking on what I feel is largely an automated task

Also @lubos will Manager support Payroll RTI in the manner of MTD?

What fields does P60 declaration contain? What Manager can do is give you the report with the correct information in fields or CSV/XML file which contains data.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to these questions yet. I have not investigated the matter. I am just considering bringing the payroll in house as I don’t see the value for money in paying my accountant to do it. With the advent of MTD I just wondered if payroll RTI and MTD would work together or not. I think the interface to HMRC may be different but don’t know.

Hence my question as some users using Manager must be managing their own payroll in the UK.

I will have a look at the P60 and see what fields need to be sent to HMRC. Thanks