Payroll and MTD

Hi, may I ask, if Lubos implements what ever is needed to comply with the MTD (Making Tax Digital ) legislation, would it be possible to built in a RTI for the payroll as well? (as Manager would be already connected to HMRC anyway). This would bring everything under one roof. No separate payroll system needed anymore. Would that be possible?

I doubt you will see any adaptation to allow direct connection to HMRC. There are over 200 sovereign territories in the world, and the task of keeping up with all their different requirements would be monumental. Users should not depend on seeing such a change. The development path seems to be trending toward the ability to format your own outputs in easier ways, which would allow simpler input to tax authority portals or third-party submission tools.

Okay, thanks Tut. Was just an idea which would have come handy. But I’m okay with having the separate payroll tool.

Please understand, that is only my opinion. I don’t know what future features might be added.

yes I know :slight_smile: