Interfacing to UK HMRC PAYE System

Is there or is there any plan to interface to the UK HMRC PAYE system?

Alternatively is there an API that would allow me to write an interface?

I suspect that this will not be possible. Manager is written to work in every country in the world, so has to be somewhat generic so as to be usable in each country. It would be an impossible task for the developers to implement for each specific country’s specific requirements other than basic things such as default VAT rate and date format etc.

I believe that Manager does have the functionality to allow API’s so you can create some kind of interface, but don’t ask me how it works as thats outside of my expertise. But this is probably what you are looking for.

Have a look here - Api Integration for Manager

I am not sure if I understand very well but I think manager can create tools where users can instruct manager to do certain calculations in payslips. If added the user can for example put down a formula for manager to do a “graduated deduction” for a particular payslip item e.g PAYE based on the outcome of the addition / difference of another payslip item or just on one payslip item say