My payroll package and Manager

I am not very up with the play in things so here are my questions
I am just about to buy a desktop payroll package .
Can I get the main data into manager not sure what exactly yet just thinking.
It can save most data into a CSV or PDF
I have seen things about API,I am not 100% sure what that is and if I can use it from my manager desktop version.
I do have an excel workbook that takes PDF and converts it to csv if thats a help
was thinking about maybe loading
or the totals of the combined payslips to the right accounts etc

If you are using an external package or third-party payroll processor, you should only load summary transactions, one per payroll period. There is no point in trying to duplicate in Manager what you already have in another system. Payroll packages typically include the ability to generate a summary report with the necessary numbers.

Thanks Tut .So how do I do this can I import the necessary data? is this where an API comes in ? or can I import journals or can you link me to the right help part.

I don’t see why you would want to import anything. The point would not be to reproduce the content of an external system in Manager. The point would be, through perhaps a single (multi-line) journal entry and one payment, to enter the total of all payroll transactions. Totals for wage expenses, deductions, contributions, and so forth would be balanced by liabilities to employees, tax agencies, and so forth. Liabilities would be cleared by payments. That’s as much detail as I can provide without knowing everything about what your payroll software does, whether you are going to make payments yourself or transfer funds to an external processor, and so forth.

The last thing I would be thinking about is doing anything through the API, since you’ve said you don’t even know what that is.

Cool thank you.And yes I dont have any idea because manager does almost everything I need to do I have got very lazy in keeping up with things .
I was thinking debit expenses with the total amount of wages in P&L and credit the balance sheet with the different tax amounts etc and when I down load the bank statements I code the payments to the balance sheet.Was just going to export the amounts from ace payroll and then import them into manager. still might try this on my test company.

Anyway thanks for the help much appreciated