Making Tax Digital - UK Users

Question for UK based Manager users.
What are your plans for the up-coming start of Making Tax Digital (MTD) as it seems Manager will not be able to submit the required returns?
I am reluctant to dump Manager for something not as good and for which I have to pay!
Any thoughts…


As far as I know @lubos is considering the possibility to export some documents (in my case, for Italy, the invoices) in xml. Don’t know if it would be enough for your specific case. Keep in mind that it will not be a short process

I have just noticed a few more posts on the end of an older MTD thread. Some mention there about an Excel addin called Vitaltax that can feed HMRC. Seems to need an export from Manager.

I will check out what Vitaltax can do when I get a chance. Any other suggestions will be gratefuly received.