Payroll cost/function

Does Manager have a payroll function? We’re currently using Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll. I’d like at least that level, if not something even more full service. Thanks!

Read the Guides in the Payroll category: Make your own judgement.

Thanks, Tut. Well, reading those guides is what brought me to the forum. It appears on reading the guides that no tax is calculated, no tax returns or payment are calculated, no paychecks are actually issued, and Manager only functions to record those items once I calculate them and process them myself. I just wanted to see if that’s all that is offered.

I’m thinking that this does not have the automated calculations that Quickbooks does. I’m really seeking an alternative to QB and I need a cloud-based solution with employees not all in one location. I love how robust Manager appears for accounting functions, but I’ve never been a payroll expert and don’t want to mess that one up.


No tax returns are prepared or filed. But amounts due to the tax authority from the business is calculated if relevant payslip items are defined properly.

Manager does not issue checks for anything.


I am a little puzzled by your statement that you need a cloud-based solution because your employees are scattered. My experience has never been that payroll functions are dispersed to employees. The closest you get to that is time/attendance entry or personal deduction/contribution preferences. Manager makes no attempt to be a time clock or provide personnel data management. You will need to look elsewhere for those functions, if that is what you need.

Depending on the number of employees, an outside payroll processing specialist may be a wise choice. Their systems are specialized for your location. And they keep up with frequent changes in the law, tax rates, retirement program requirements and testing, etc. You would not use Manager’s Employees or Payslips tabs at all. You would send a file to the processor every pay period with necessary data. They would perform the necessary calculations, issue paychecks, and take care of tax remittance and filing. You would make only summary entries in Manager. Many find such a service very affordable and highly professional, especially considering the fact you no longer need to keep up with changing legal requirements. Typically, you are provided a software package for preparing the input data.

@Tut Thanks for the reply. I meant that my employees who perform accounting functions (purchasing, data entry, invoicing) are in different states within the US, so having a cloud system would work so much better than our current setup in which we have to have VPN and remote desktop access to the desktop multi-user Quickbooks that we currently use.

I agree with you that I need a third party payroll solution! Some of these cloud-based accounting companies offer such a service. I wanted to know if Manager does and I know now that it does not.

I really appreciate your responses and clarification.

Both the server and cloud editions of Manager would solve your problems with distributed accounting personnel. As for whether to rely on an accounting software company for your third-party payroll solution, that’s a call you have to make yourself. My experience has been that the two activities require different expertise that you don’t always find in one source.

@Tut Point well made. I will consider that when I make my final decision.