US payroll & income tax considerations

I’m revisiting Manager - trying to find a viable replacement for QB that won’t upend things for multiple clients. The more expensive QB gets for a desktop version, the more realistic switching to some other platform becomes. I’m going to probably misuse some Manager terms, but I’m generalizing for the most part, so be kind.

While all the workflows are different in Manager vs QB, I have successfully done a pretty extensive export / import from QB → Manager using the QB Developer’s kit, and gotten a great deal of data moved between the two softwares (my QB file is 15+ years old, 125MB). Not saying it’s perfect, but from a historical perspective, I can get a LOT of data moved over (I can’t find all my notes on it now, but I know I was pretty happy with it). However, payroll was the wall I ran up against.

Here’s what I told my accountant regarding the migration success:

I’ve recreated my company in Manager, have all my customers and vendors in there, my inventory items, my non-inventory items, my special accounts (all data to this point was exported from QB and imported, rather easily), and have created some invoices, and have a customized invoice that includes my disclaimer at the bottom.

I’ve been poking through the forums, and most “tax” related posts are about sales tax (I’m from the US, call it what you will in your locale). “payroll” searches don’t really yield what I’m after either.

I’m interested in figuring out if “doing” the payroll taxes within Manager is possible, if it’s feasible, if setting up “tax tables” or payslip items is easy to use or maintain, or if it’s best left to some third-party software/subscription to do and just enter summary values afterwards in Manager. My guess is the latter, but I haven’t seen any specific conversations that outline what other US users might be using to accomplish that.

Thoughts, suggestions, caveats, warnings, success stories?


Manager does not do any payroll calculations

All payroll items are entered by the user.

Once this is done, you can print payslips

It also has no built-in reporting facilities to send payroll data to other 3rdp partied such as tax authorities or pension providers

As payroll obligations and legel requirements can be quite onerous and changeable, it is better to use outside payroll services

thanks - that’s what I gathered, summary data after the fact only.

that said, is there a service for payroll that works better with Manager than others, maybe gives back data in a more useful/friendly way?

Manager support’s payroll in Australia well including electronic submissions at the Australian tax office.

So it’s possible.

USA doesn’t have a localisation. Apparently the tax system is too complicated for a general solution. I have made suggestions in the past but no solution has been supported.