Payment terms on PO

when i fill out the fields on the Purchase order, there is also the option on “Payment Terms”, however i cannot see them on the PO, Delivery info is fine, this can see. Same problem also on the Sales Order

Purchase order is a document you send to your supplier to order goods or services. You don’t get to set payment terms. Your supplier gets to set them.

Also, purchase order doesn’t have a field called Payment Terms so I assume it must be a custom field you have created?

ok, so if this is a custom filed how can i make or what i need to do to get this when i print the document?

Custom fields are not appearing on the printed documents so far and not even appearing when you enter that group where here is a custom field (e.g adding ‘Zone’ as a custom field for customers wont show among the columns if you display customers). It very sad :frowning: Manager will climb another professional step higher if it is able to show custom fields on the final printed document and among the columns