Unable to see the option where we can mention terms and conditions

Unable to see the option where we can mention terms and conditions in the purchase order when finalizing the P.O before sending to clients. Secondly when preparing the sales order for invoice for client at the bottom cannot mention manually bank details for local or international transactions for example bank details, IBAN number and branch details. Thirdly cannot see at the top of the invoice where invoice number is generated invoice for the period time 30 day net or 60 day net. Fourthly every company has an NTN number which is used for payment of the invoice through bank this option is not seen in it.

You could probably use custom fields for all of these. See the guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/8941

Once you’ve created the fields you need, you could set the form defaults for fields that remain the same every time. See the guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/14059

What do you mean by this? Cannot see exactly what? And cannot see it on what form or screen? Illustrate this with a screen shot.

You could put your NTN in the Business identifier field under Business Details in the Settings tab.

Also, please do not include personal information in forum posts. Yours has been deleted.

can you please specify on the above…

If terms and conditions want be on the purchase order then how will the client agree to the terms we are working on in this way claims from the client side will be 1000% on us…

invoice format it attached as you can see the areas which i have marked for your understanding.

@khadija_javed, my comment about personal information was referring to the fact that you included your personal email address in a post. Answers to forum questions are provided on the forum, not by personal email. Your email address was deleted.

As for your other questions, you seem to be asking how to include certain information on transaction forms:

  • Terms and conditions should be included in a custom field, as @GrahamvdR already told you. A link to the appropriate Guide was included. These fields are created for different transaction types separately.
  • Banking details can be included in a custom field, the Business identifier field I mentioned, or even in your business address. The last two are explained here: https://www.manager.io/guides/9835.
  • Due dates are entered on the sales invoice form. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7178. Since you asked about purchase orders, if you want a required delivery date on a purchase order, you will need to add a custom field.

In all cases, if you have no content in relevant fields, they will not show on the completed form.

thanks a million.

i would also like to know for example if i create a purchase order how can we put company guidelines / terms and condition to raise a purchase order for clients.

You have been told twice. Use a custom field.