Payment terms on quotes


How and where I can put payment terms already in the quotes?


Not sure what you mean. Payment terms on quotes can be entered in Notes field when creating a quote.


Sorry, maybe was not clear enough. When f.e. I make a new purchase order then as a standard there are many fields to fill out, like Supplier, Delivery date, item and so on. At the end of this form there is “Payment terms”

so i would like to have this “filed with payment terms” also on the Sales Quotes. Of course i can use notes but we use the notes for “standard issues” which apply for all customer. However, payment terms might be different form customer to customer. In this case i need to change every time the “notes” which currently we use as default

hope more clear now. Or is there any other solution?


I’m afraid there is no better way to handle it yet. I’ll probably implement ability to enter multiple payment terms. Then payment term could be associated with customer by default which would make it show on quote, invoice etc.