No Payee field for custom General Ledger report

Hi I am trying to print all Expense Claims for 2019 by Payee in Customer Reports…however Amount is not in the drop down to choose from.

So I saw in the forum answers I should use the General Ledger but it doesn’t have the Payee field in the drop down.

How do I create Expense Claims for 2019 report to simply show date amount payee and account?

manager unidentifyable trans

You cannot do what you want. The general ledger transactions table does not include payers or payees. It only includes postings to the various accounts. On the other hand, the expense claims table only includes header information, not the line item information.

The closest you will get to what you want is to create an Expense Claims Summary report, then drill down on the various figures for payers.

Can you explain what use you have for such a report? There might be another way to get the information you desire.

I am doing my taxes and comparing my bank statements to what I entered in Manager. So I am looking at date payee amount and trying to compare that to date payee amount - but I see that I can export from the Expense Claims screen so I think I will just do that instead. I liked the group ability in Manager, not so much in Excel :slight_smile: