Payer an payee in print

when creating a receipt or payment, there are words payer and payee respectively. but when i print a receipt these words are not visible, it just print a name that hangs without any identification.
how to make them visible in print??
eg. payer: hassan instead of just hassan

the inbuilt themes do not have this option.
you will need a custom theme to display the same.

@Hosea_Leonard, if you follow the path of creating a custom theme, understand that both Payer and Payee are terms used only on entry forms for receipts and payments to identify a variable called They are not stored anywhere. On other transaction types, this variable might be the customer’s, supplier’s, or employee’s name. There is no label for this field that can be called in a custom theme. So you would need to employ a bit of conditional logic and hard-code the label for particular transaction types.