Consider receipt and payment issue

hello, may @lubos consider this issue of receipt and payment when printing, the words that appear when filling information like payee or payer and description to appear when printing the receipt, currently when you print a receipt it just appear a name that is hamis hassan, another person may not know what is hamis hassan, there should be an identification at the top eg. payer and at the bottom hamis hassan in the printed receipt likewise in payment.

The payee/payer field in each receipt / payment is a free text field not linked to any other data structure and not used anywhere else or at a later time. You can enter anything you like in there and there are no checks to see if it is unique or defined.

How did you want this field to behave?
Linking it to the customer or supplier database is already in ideas

I believe @Hosea_Leonard just wants a field label above the recipient’s name. Whether the transaction is a receipt, sales invoice, sales quote, purchase order, or other, the name that appears is represented as the variable, recipient in the theme code. So, sometimes recipient is a payer, sometimes a customer, sometimes an employee, and so forth. None of them are labeled.

The presumption is that the context indicates who the form is addressed to. A sales invoice goes to a customer. A payslip goes to an employee. A purchase order goes to a supplier. A receipt goes to the person who gave you the money, while a payment goes to the person you are paying.

yes sir @Tut thats all i wanted nothing else, in real life most administrators have no accounting experience but they can read any words and identify what those words mean. so if it is left blank then the program suitea for a person with accounting experience. an accoutant is always an employee to a compony and the program is very friendly to any user even if with no accounting experience. but for most boss wants to pass through the accounting office to view what is going on in his compony, a receipt or invoice or payment or anything as you mentioned above without a proper description, the boss may not understand well what that name of a person is for because it just hangs without identification. that why i said may you consider it??? @Patch