Pay Slip- modifications

I changed the form default to add few additional lines thinking that when unnecessary they can be removed. This was done for a construction company client. I could not find how to remove either at form default or at producing the pay slip. Could you please tell me whether they can be removed?
And also “Earnings” is printed in those rows

On either the regular payslip form or the Form Defaults form for payslips, at least one line always shows for each payslip item category: earnings, deductions, and contributions. If more than one line is entered, an X appears at the end of the line on the Edit screen:

Click the X to delete the line.

Earnings appears because a payslip item was defined with the name, Earnings, and that item was selected on the form.

Everything you see on a View screen is the result of things you have entered elsewhere. You can never alter or even understand what is displayed without looking at the Edit screen.

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Thank you so much dear. I now only realized that I have overlooked the X mark.