Upgraded, payslips went to "suspense"

Just upgraded from a version. Now when I open my business, all of the payslips I ever put appear to have been moved to suspense.

Profit & loss does not show any wage expenses… Dashboard wage column shows zero/blank.


There is perhaps a field which now requires a compulsory entry, which wasn’t previously filled in.

Can you post a screenshot of the “edit” view of one of those payslips - on the Summary tab click on the Suspense balance and then click edit.

It appears that your Payslip Items - Earnings, Deductions & Employer Deductions don’t have Accounts.

How do i assign an account? I cant find related part in settings or anywhere?

Found it… Solved… Thanx a lot

Under Setting - click

Select Payslip Earnings Item - Edit

Select Account