Part/Partial Payments

Sir, in order to speed up things is it possible to have a part payment space when raising sales and purchase invoices?

Example a customer enters to procure items worth $5000 but the customer has $1000 with him and wants to make a part payment. On the invoice creation page, it will be nice to be able to enter this information. It will be nice to have a fields to select bank or cash accounts, references and a field to enter the part payment amount which will credit the customer straight up when you click on create invoice. It will really speed things up especially for sellers who demand part payment in every sales.

The same can be applied to purchases invoice too to save time.

If possible the user can have the option of adding lines of different cash and bank accounts to receive or spend money, this is because a customer can enter with say $100 cash and $900 Cheque. We will need a bank account line and a cash account line to receive these two payment types.

The main problem is that many people do import bank statements and having invoices posting to bank accounts this easily would really mess up workflow when importing bank transactions - and reconciling.

Also, there should be one and only one way to do something in Manager. Giving ability for invoices to be bank transactions and at the same time allowing bank transactions to debit/credit invoices would break this principle.

Anyway, there are still issues with workflow when it comes to bank transactions so I need to deal with those issues first before dealing with this feature request.

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