Part payment request?

I have a factory.

We receive a PO for 50 pieces, and we create an invoice for the same.

Our agreement with our customer is that we will produce it and deliver in parts of 5 (5x10), and upon delivery, they pay for what they’ve received.

This helps us with our cash flow, and lessens the burden on the customer for larger payments at once.

When we create the delivery note for 10 pcs, is there any way to attach some sort of a part-payment request document only for 10 pcs, instead of attaching the original invoice of 50 pcs, and confusing their staff on whether they are to pay for 50 or 10 pcs?

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers staff not to make mistakes.

(We initially toyed with editing our original invoice and breaking it into multiple smaller invoices, but this was causing confusion to us to track what we had produced, and what was pending to be delivered or produced.)

IMO this has nothing to do with Manager but how you organise your business.

However, I would use 1 Proforma invoice upon receipt of the PO and an invoice for each delivery.

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  1. View the Invoice
  2. Select Copy to Sales Quote (enable Sales Quote in Customize)
  3. Edit the Sales Quote and rename using Custom Title (is in Edit Screen as part of Options) to something like “request for partial payment”…
  4. When receiving the funds just issue a receipt against that invoice, you can even copy the Invoice with the partial receipt amount received.
  5. Once all payments are done you can delete all the related quotes.
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Thank you. This seems to be a good hack. Let me see if my guys are ok to do this. Much appreciated.

When you say Proforma Invoice, you’re referring to Sales Order, right?
I don’t have an option for Proforma Invoice.

Could you explain what you mean by this. Thanks

Maybe it’s possible with this procedure,

When we receive a PO for 50 pieces, Create a Sales Order for 50 pieces.

Create Delivery Note 10 pieces refers to the Sales Order reference.
Then create a Sales Invoice for the number of items sent, referring to the Sales Order reference.

Your customers only need to pay according to the goods and Invoices received.

From the Sales Order Tab, you can monitor how many goods still need to be sent to consumers.

No, Sales Quote

If you partially pay an Invoice (see screenshot where only half was paid) it shows the receipt(s) and the outstanding balance on the invoice.

The Overdue in this test business is because the outstanding payment is later than the agreed time. If still within the agreed time it looks like:

Once customer has all paid (in this case 2 receipts) it shows:

Absolutely not. Use a sales quote and give it a new title. There is a Guide about this.

This is great, except that I’m using version 21.3.70 and dont have this option :frowning:

That version is 2.5yrs old and no longer supported. Please

  1. backup your Manger data file
  2. go to Download -
  3. load that onto another computer or user login
  4. import the backup of your Manger data file and test it
  5. If you are comfortable with the current version, update your normal login / computer